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  • Sell unrestricted custom content

  • Earn more money

  • Get paid for likes

  • Earn more in commissions

  • Unlimited tips

  • More ways to get discovered

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Earn more money

Unlike alternative sites, we offer unlimited earnings, unrestricted tips and unbelievable opportunities for our creators. You also get to keep 80% of your earnings and can receive fortnightly payments from your Glamourfans Wallet.


Get paid for 'likes'

Yes, you read that right. Glamourfans is the ONLY platform which pays YOU for likes.


Earn more commission

Get paid for every fan you sign up – plus earn 5% monthly commission on our lifetime affiliate scheme for referring other content creators. Sign up for free today to receive your exclusive referral link and start sharing with others.


Sell unrestricted custom content

Supercharge your income with exclusive videos, pictures and messages for fans. Run live video stream events, take bookings and even sell recordings – all from your Glamourfans dashboard. Have the freedom to post what you like – provided its legal of course!


Unlimited tips

Fans can hit your “quick tip” button to instantly send you cash on ANY post. The hotter the content the higher your tips – and there’s no limit to what you can earn…unlike with our competitors.


Get discovered

With Glamourfans, subscribers pay just one monthly fee to follow and interact with every creator on the platform, making it affordable to a WORLDWIDE audience.

Fans can find you by using our advanced search and hashtag tool, making it easy for you to be discovered, even if you don’t have a huge social media following.

Frequently asked questions

Who can make money using a Glamourfans account?

Glamourfans is for anyone over the age of 18 who wants to make money by selling their content to their fans and followers, as well as earning money by referring other creators to Glamourfans as an Affiliate.

Whether you are an established model or influencer with a large following OR a new and aspiring model or influencer, you can use Glamourfans as a social media platform to earn money and build a bigger fan base.

Not a creator but still want to make money using Glamourfans?  No problem.  Digital and affiliate marketers can all sign up for an Affiliate Link and you can push your unique link to your followers.

Can I charge what I like for premium content?

Yes. With Glamourfans you can build YOUR business YOUR way. There’s no cap on how little or how much you charge for any of your content.

What percentage of my earnings do I keep?

You get to keep 80% of your earnings from your sales.

Can I post nude or pornographic material?

Yes. Anything goes on Glamourfans, as long as it’s legal.

How do I get paid for likes?

Our unique royalty model means you also get paid for every like your content receives, less any admin costs incurred by Glamourfans. Every month all premium user subscription fees go into a global royalty pot.  At the end of each month, the pot is divided by the total number of likes received for all posts across the platform. This total value creates value per like, which allows us to pay you for your content based on the number of likes you receive.

What if I’m already making money on another platform?

That’s great. You can use Glamourfans alongside other platforms so you can access a whole new audience and drive your followers to all your platforms to boost your income even further!

What if I’m just starting out and have no followers?

Our subscription model gives paid subscribers access to ALL our creators for one monthly fee – making it easier for new creators to gain a following and start your online business.

If you start posting high quality content and engaging with subscribers you will soon start building a following which you can make additional income from through selling further private content

Can I just make money as an affiliate?

Of course. Everyone who sets up an account gets access to their own affiliate link which you can share with your followers, friends and family or promote across the internet. We pay you £1 every month for every subscriber who signs up via your link PLUS you get a 5% share of the monthly earnings of any model that signs up via your link – so you can soon start building a monthly income just by being an introducer. Also, the 5% is paid by Glamourfans, so it doesn’t effect the income of the person you refer!

Can I charge a subscription?

No. Glamourfans is different. We only charge subscribers one monthly subscription fee to see ALL our content creator’s profiles. This allows them to see free and subscriber-only content that you have posted (so make sure there is plenty of good stuff on there for them but save your best content for Pay Per Views). This gives you instant access to a readymade audience for you to make money through tips, selling exclusive premium content, charging for custom content and holding live streams.

How often do I get paid?

You can request to withdraw your earnings from your Glamourfans Wallet whenever you like.  Payouts will be made twice a month (on 14th and 28th).  To make sure we can process your payment request smoothly we require you submit a Withdrawal Request from your Wallet as follows:

To Receive Payment Drawdown on 14th of the month: submit request by NO LATER than midnight on 30th of the previous month*.

To Receive Payment Drawdown on 28th of the month: submit request by NO LATER than midnight on 13th of that month.

* In a February leap year, payment request for a drawdown on the 14th of March must be submitted by midnight on 27th February.

How old must I be to create an account?

You must be over 18 to share content on the Glamourfans platform.  You will be asked to upload one form of photo ID (passport or driving licence) to verify your age as part of the sign up process. We may ask you for further supporting information to verify your age and identity.

Can I protect my identity?

Yes. You can use a nickname and not post your face, however you will need to provide your real name, address, bank details, plus one form of photo ID (passport or driving licence) to set up an account. All your information is stored safely and is not available to the public as per our Privacy Policy.

Can I open an account if I am not in the UK?

You can open up an account up as a content creator from anywhere in the world!  However, subscribers from the USA are not currently able to join the platform, but the great news is that Glamourfans plans to expand its subscriber user base to the USA very soon!!

All transactions on the Glamourfans platform will be in UK Pound Sterling. Payouts to content creators outside of the UK will be subject to currency exchange rates at the time of payout and any fees which their own banks may apply.

Can I start promoting Glamourfans to my followers now?

Yes of course! Your fans can register their interest and leave their name and email address on our fans waiting list form, so we can let them know as soon as Glamourfans goes live. You will be notified by email of any fan who signs up to Glamourfans using your link once we go live and will then earn £1 for every fan who signs up using your referral link.

First though, remember that we want to make sure we have lots of great content on Glamourfans for your fans to enjoy.  So keep sharing your referral link to get other creators for them to get signed up and help us to create a great experience for your fans once Glamourfans goes live – as well as earning yourself money as an affiliate from any content creators who sign up using your link.

Where do I upload by content?

Once Glamourfans goes live, you will be able to log into the account you have created on this link and complete your profile set up and start uploading your content straight away.

In the meantime, remember to keep sharing your referral link once you have signed up and track your Affiliate Dashboard.

I am a content creator living outside the UK. What currency do I charge my fans in for private content?

All payments on the Glamoufans platform are currently in pounds sterling.  When Glamourfans pays you your 80% earnings, this will be paid in pounds sterling but your bank will apply the conversion to your local currency when it lands in your account.  Please note, you are responsible for any conversion transaction fees which may be charged by your bank.  Glamourfans will however only deduct 20% from your earnings for its fee.